Performance Communities, LLC is an investment offering for accredited investors to diversify into residential income property, such as “Workforce Housing”. Through careful due diligence and a network of relationships, Performance Communities will secure a portfolio of high performing assets for long term appreciation and cash flow.


The Fund will focus on acquiring, repositioning, and managing multi-family rental housing investment properties, such as Workforce Housing. The Manager believes this asset class will provide a long-term stable cash flow to investors by virtue of the strong, and increasing demand for a limited housing stock due to the fundamental imbalance of supply and demand in this sector.


Within this sector, the Fund’s focus will focus on multi-family rental housing properties (apartments) and mobile home parks (“MHP” or “MHP’s”). Our strategy is to acquire, add value and reposition MHPs or apartments that are currently generating income yet are under performing, not well-managed and/or improperly capitalized. Our target geography includes key markets in the western and midwestern United States.