... Introduction ...

Performance Realty, Inc. (PRI) owns, operates, manages and develops mobile home parks and multi-family properties. We seek to deliver above average risk-adjusted returns for our partner investors through an approach grounded in sustainability, pro-active hands-on management, and efficiency. In our view, this leads to happier tenants, fewer vacancies, and ultimately higher valuations for our parks.

... Vision ...

Performance Realty is committed to the well-being of our residents, the environment and the communities in which we operate while also seeking to deliver significant, yet stable risk-adjusted returns to our investors. We feel strongly that these go hand in hand.

Our approach to realizing this vision includes:

  • Employing a disciplined, data-driven approach to managing properties and investment capital;
  • Generating a positive social impact on our communities and residents;
  • Acquiring, operating and adding significant value to a diversified portfolio of mobile home parks;
  • Incubating sustainability and wellness across the mobile home park industry, starting with our parks;
  • Improving the mobile home park management model through standardized processes, talent selection, coaching, and technology.